AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has had a remarkable career with AC/DC. Perhaps the greatest replacement of an already legendary frontman in rock history, Johnson made his debut on 'Back in Black,' which has sold roughly 50 million copies worldwide. For sharing his siren-like voice with the world and serving AC/DC for more than 30 brilliant years, we salute Johnson with these awesome live videos:

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    Donington Park, 1991

    An epic performance at one of the most iconic festival locations on the planet:

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    'You Shook Me All Night Long'

    River Plate, Argentina, 2009

    From AC/DC's 2011 DVD, 'Live at River Plate,' Johnson proves he's still got it:

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    'For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)'

    Munich, Germany, 2001

    Johnson shows off his pipes in AC/DC's anthem to rockers around the world:

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    'Shoot to Thrill'

    Houston, Texas, 1983

    Texans love their guns, but they may love AC/DC a little more:

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    'Back in Black'

    Maryland, 1981

    The title track to one of rock's most celebrated albums, shot in black and white:

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