The hard rock / metal world keeps separate from the world of pop music -- for the most part. But what if the two worlds collided? The result can be an odd mix. Here, we've come up with 10 awesomely awkward supergroups. We're hoping at least three of these actually happen:

Maroon 5 Finger Death Punch

Tension mounts within the Five Finger Death Punch camp as Ivan Moody leaves over creative differences. Forced to make a swift change, the band recruits Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine! The result: Maroon 5 Finger Death Punch!


One Finger Death Punch

So where did those creative differences leave Ivan Moody? Teaming up with boy band One Direction for the new supergroup One Finger Death Punch! They storm the charts with their debut single 'Flipping the Bird.'


30 Seconds to Bruno Mars

After being cast as the new lead in 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Jared Leto has to drop out of Thirty Seconds to Mars' upcoming tour. The band recruits pop singer Bruno Mars based on his name alone. However, a few days later, Leto drops out of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' so the band decides to go with the two-vocal attack of Jared and Bruno. The result: 30 Seconds to Bruno Mars!



Looking to take Megadeth in a new direction, Dave Mustaine turns to pop star Lady Gaga for a guest spot on the band's new album. The collaboration goes so well that Gaga permanently joins the band and they re-name themselves MegaGaga! Despite opposing political views, Mustaine and Gaga get along swimmingly.


Dream Bieber

Having conquered the prog-metal universe, Dream Theater feel it's time for a change. In fact, they decide to create music that is the exact opposite of their usual sound, so they recruit pop heartthrob Justin Bieber for a new album. Despite alienating both acts' diehard fans, Dream Bieber go straight to No. 1 with their six-part suite titled 'The Baby Inside.'


Ghost T.S.

While out with a new hipster boyfriend, pop/country superstar Taylor Swift discovers Ghost B.C. and declares them her new favorite act in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Looking to shock their fans, Ghost B.C. recruit Swift for a new project, Ghost T.S., and they release an album of satanic songs about Swift's last 10 celebrity boyfriends.



Despite the critical and commercial disappointment of 'Lulu,' Metallica decide to forgo their next proper studio album for yet another oddball collaboration. Drummer Lars Ulrich suggests the band join forces with pop starlet Rihanna, and his bandmates comply. Rihannica is born and an immediate rivalry with MegaGaga gets all sorts of ugly!


iKorna Pop

While DJing at a club as his alter ego J-Devil, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis runs into the ladies from Icona Pop, the duo responsible for the ubiquitous song 'I Love It.' Having dabbled in dubstep, Davis decides to go one step further with a full-on dance album. His bandmates agree to the plan, as long as they can record it under a different name - iKorna Pop.


Pink Day

Okay, this one sorta makes sense. Despite her numerous pop hits, Pink has a foot in the punk scene. After hanging out together in the VIP section of a Rancid show, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and Pink decide it's about time they collaborate. The name of the new outfit becomes pretty obvious right away -- Pink Day!


Katy Perry Farrell Addiction

During some downtime from Jane's Addiction, frontman Perry Farrell decides to pursue a new musical project with pop star Katy Perry. Tensions mount as Dave Navarro and John Mayer both vie for the guitar spot in the new outfit, leading Perry and Katy to record on their own as a duo. The Katy Perry Farrell Addiction end up headlining Lollapalooza 2017, but it turns out to be their first and only concert.

All Photoshop Images by Kristy Puchko.