Last night (July 18) at the Alternative Press Music Awards, heavy metal was given a distinct place on the bill as Babymetal performed a medley with Judas Priest icon Rob Halford.

In what was arguably the most unique performance of the night, Babymetal began their set with “KARATE” from the group’s sophomore album, Metal Resistance. After the cut, a video package was shown hyping the coming together of Halford (the Metal God) and Babymetal’s omniscient mascot, the Fox God. The video combined some of the two bands’ imagery, ultimately creating a “Painkiller” logo with a fox head over the motorcycle’s front wheel.

Rob Halford graced the stage as Moametal and Yuimetal left the eldest Babymetal member, Su-metal, to perform “Painkiller” with Halford. After the rendition of “Painkiller,” Moa and Yui both came back onstage holding guitars. Halford and Babymetal dove into the Priest classic “Breaking the Law” as the set’s final song and symbolic passing of the torch between generations.

Rob Halford sent out a photo of himself posing with Babymetal via Instagram:

Babymetal tweeted out a celebratory pic themselves:

Check out Babymetal’s performance with Rob Halford at the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards in the clip above!

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