Babymetal is back with an album that simply cannot be called a sophomore slump! We recently caught up with the girls to talk all about Metal Resistance along with the girls’ recent Wembley gig and the infectious new track “Awadama Fever.”

Babymetal flew out to New York just a couple of days after performing in front of 12,500 people at Wembley. Being Babymetal’s largest international headlining show to-date, the girls admitted they had some trouble at first getting into the right flow. However, they pulled through and figured out the arena’s puzzle, experiencing an epic moment when fans around the world raised their nation’s flags in support of the teen idols.

We also asked the trio if they felt any pressure to top their self-titled debut, which fans went insane for, allowing Babymetal to become a worldwide phenomenon. Babymetal definitely felt pressure to deliver something of quality, but succeeded with the more “mature” Metal Resistance.

“It’s a mint-flavored time machine.” Become familiar with this line, because it’s one of the best Babymetal lyrics ever. It’s found within “Awadama Fever,” a literal bubblegum pop song. We asked Babymetal about the track and what they would tell their younger selves if they actually had a mint-flavored time machine.

There’s plenty more where this came from, so check out this piece of our Babymetal interview and stay tuned for additional video with the three metal maidens. To grab a copy of Metal Resistance, click here.

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