Here are the 10 best Japanese metal albums since 2010, chosen by SiM vocalist MAH.

SiM (Silence iz Mine) formed in 2004 and are known for their dynamic mix of metal, reggae and punk, all of which is fully on display on their sixth album, PLAYDEAD, which came out earlier this year.

Adding to the excitement, the lead single "RED," which can be heard below, is the official theme songs of the Netflix anime series Kengan Ashura, ensuring SiM's star will continue to rise.

"We aimed at creating sounds that reflect the deep respect we have for the heavy music from the early 2000s, like Limp Bizkit and Korn. The main distortion guitar for the backing is an arrangement of the rhythm from Evanescence’s 'Going Under.' The song embodies the history of rock music that’s ingrained in our flesh and blood, our DNA," MAH says of "RED."

"The theme of the lyrics is the meaninglessness of division... We all have different cultures, speak different languages, have different physical attributes, etc. These are facts," the vocalist continues, "But at the end of the day when you cut through the skin, what flows out is the same — bright red blood. And yet regardless of being in close proximity of one another, the same country, the same city, the same school, even the same class, we as humans try to 'divide.'"

MAH continues, "Groups are formed for foolish reasons, like favorite TV programs or celebrities that they dislike, and try to expose the 'traitors.' Sadly, this can occur amongst music fans, too. Fans watching the same band at the same live venue may say, 'I don’t like the person next to me,' and start instigating mindless discussions on social media. It’s a total waste of time. As artists, this is the very thing we despise the most. We want everyone to view us as their friends and family."

SiM, "RED"

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With SiM being one of the leaders of the Japanese metal scene, Loudwire invited MAH to highlight some modern era standouts that show just how much the scene has been thriving over the last decade-plus.

There's even a fresh pick from 2023 in the mix and a lot of different sounds in styles in play. Whether you're hoping to see one of your favorites represented or want to some killer new music to check out, see MAH's picks for the 10 best Japanese metal albums to be released since 2010 directly below!

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