We recently invited Bad Brains legend H.R. to our studio to talk about his new memoir, Finding Joseph I. Along with delving deep into the book, H.R. revealed he and the Bad Brains intend to reunite soon for a tour.

Finding Joseph I is a collection of memories from H.R., his bandmates, contemporaries, friends, family and musicians he’s influenced, creating a narrative of the hardcore punk icon’s life. Starting all the way from his first band as a kid, The Thunderbirds, Finding Joseph I takes fans up until the present with H.R.

H.R., who underwent successful brain surgery just weeks after our interview, spoke about the book, Think and Grow Rich, which inspired his PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) philosophy. “Napoleon Hill [author] talked about prophets, Jesus and Gandhi,” H.R. says. “These prophets of his had a special message to give to people and that helped us to understand. It eventually led us to the Holy Bible and we began to read the Bible and used that as an attitude — one of the best ways inspire the audience and be inspired at the same time.”

H.R. claims in the memoir that he feels he’ll never step on stage with Bad Brains again, but in this interview, the legendary frontman says otherwise. “I was talking with the bass player [Darryl Jenifer] and we were looking at the fall, in autumn, maybe,” H.R. told us. “We’ll do some rehearsals, rehearsing a setlist that they had wanted to play and I decided to go ahead and play it with them. Darryl had come to me through the telephone and said, ‘I’m committed to you,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m committed to you.’”

Check out our exclusive chat with H.R. in the clip above! To grab copy of Finding Joseph I, click here.

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