Burn the Priest (Lamb of God) have just unleashed their cover of the Bad Brains’ iconic “I Against I.” With the Bad Brains being vocalist Randy Blythe’s favorite band, the “I Against I” cover shows Randy putting his spin on H.R.’s dynamic vocal style.

So far, BTP have released covers of the Accused’s “Inherit the Earth” and Big Black’s “Kerosene.” Not only did Burn the Priest put “I Against I” to tape, they threw in the I Against I album intro on top of it. With Blythe having sung with the Bad Brains on two occasions, the vocalist wanted to take special care of this cover.

"Playing with the Bad Brains was an unearthly experience - trying to replace the fastest-singing human ever on songs like "Banned in DC and "Pay to Cum." When it came time to choose our cover of 'I Against I', I was trying not to sound like H.R., as he's so unique, but yet also throwing in enough of his style to show respect to his unique voice, through my interpretation,” Blythe says. “To cover the Bad Brains can't be a straight-forward cover, we had to nail it, and we did."

“H.R. is not of this planet, vocally,” Blythe raved during an exclusive interview with Loudwire. “When I heard the first Bad Brains record, I was like, ‘It sounds like a space alien or something.’ When I do Bad Brains with Burn the Priest, I did some of the H.R. style stuff more melodic to show respect to him and to show you I can do that.”

Take a listen to Burn the Priest’s version of “I Against I” above. The band’s Legion: XX covers album will finally be released May 18.

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