Sid McCray, original singer for the legendary Washington D.C. hardcore punk group Bad Brains, has died.

Although McCray was only in the band for a very brief amount of time (1977 - 1978) and was not featured on any Bad Brains albums, his influence was crucial and long-lasting. As chronicled in Finding Joseph I (the oral history book by Bad Brains singer and McCray's successor, H.R.), McCray was credited with introducing the group, who, at the time were a jazz fusion band known as Mind Power, to punk rock by playing them records by the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, as reported by Pitchfork.

Bad Brains officially confirmed the news on Facebook and wrote, "R.I.P to the Don, my brother - sail on." The punk rock icons also posted a link to a GoFundMe page that was established to help with funeral costs.

The GoFundMe page reads,

Sidney McCray aka “SidMac” the original lead singer & cofounder of the Punk Rock Band Bad Brains. Passed on September 9, 2020. He is remembered and loved by seven children, family, friends, his former band members and a host of loyal fans. Sidney’s children would like to have a Memorial Service for their father and are gratefully in acceptance of donations. Contributions will solely go towards the Last Honors for SidMac. We Thank You in advance for your Condolences, Love and Prayers.

In 2017, McCray joined Bad Brains onstage at a secret show in New York City. The band performed at guitarist Darryl Jennifer's art show and the set featured a guest appearance from Lamb of God Randy's Blythe as well. Together, they played the song "The Regulator," which McCray had helped the band write during his brief time as the lead singer.

Our condolences to the McCray family and all who knew Sid.

Bad Brains Live With Sid McCray — 2017

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