Though Dr. Know and H.R. both suffered through some serious health issues in recent years, H.R. reveals in a new interview with Joel Gausten that there are plans in the works for new Bad Brains music and touring.

Speaking with Gausten, the vocalist states, "The future looks bright. We got a great new manager. We just came from doing a little tour over the summer, and we're waiting for the weather to break and we'll be on our way to do more festival work." But while touring is definitely on the slate, fans should be happy to hear the next bit of news, as H.R. adds, "Any day now, we're scheduled to go into the studio and do some more work on a new album. The greatest album that we did, Into the Future, came off great, and I really like working with the fellas."

The singer reveals that the band is now a five-piece, having added second guitarist Chogyi Lama, and that he's ready to spread more PMA (positive mental attitude) in a time where the world can really use it.

“I think that people overall need to listen to more good music! (laughs) What they need to do is put down the sword and learn to be forgiving towards each other, just give a chance to let peace rule over their bad, negative feelings and be more positive with listening to good music and being supportive of the good scene that’s happening,” says the singer.

In addition to Bad Brains, H.R. reveals that he's been writing material with his solo band, Human Rights, as well. Speaking about the music, he states, "It's grown, and it's full of life and spirit. It's just a combustion of new music. When you heard it, you'll understand just where I'm coming from. It gives me great joy and happiness, and the music is a lot happier and more fulfilling for me as an artist." That disc is expected in 2019.

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