Last night (June 8) one of Brooklyn’s best kept secrets took place, bringing just 75 people to a Bad Brains reunion show. At an art gallery opening curated by Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer, the iconic hardcore band performed with frontman H.R. for the first time in four years and original vocalist Sid McCray for the first time in 39 years! Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe also sang as an explosive special guest for the historic event.

Darryl Jenifer’s Mind Power exhibition debuted at Brooklyn’s Okay Space, presenting a gallery filled with vintage Bad Brains photography and artwork inspired by the D.C. legends. The bassist even shared his own 'Mind Power' craft beer with everyone who stopped by the opening day. Only a handful of people who showed up knew about the insanity to come, but once word spread, excitement and good vibes filled the Okay Space from wall to wall.

Bad Brains’ set came and went like a flash of lightning, but it was packed with once-in-a-lifetime moments. Just a few months after H.R.'s brain surgery to relieve crippling cluster headaches, the enigmatic frontman took his place at the mic and received a roar of cheers. H.R. took on slower Brains cuts “Jah Love,” “Youth are Getting Restless” and “Re-Ignition.” Of course, the crowd began passing around joints almost immediately.

After H.R.’s chill jams, Randy Blythe took the mic, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. A life-long Bad Brains fanatic, Blythe was spot-on with recreating the relentless energy H.R. became iconic for in the ‘80s. Adopting a wild punk roar, Blythe ripped through Yellow Tape classics “Big Take Over” and “Banned in D.C.” It’s incredible that every piece of art survived the energy surge, but the gallery remained in one piece for Sid McCray to complete the set.

McCray held Bad Brains’ mic for the first time since 1978 and performed just a single song, “The Regulator.” One minute later, the show was over, leaving fans in blissful shock. “What the hell did we all witness?” seemed to be the mood of the room, as if 75 people just experienced an alien abduction, unable to ever explain what occurred.

Check out our exclusive photos from the secret Bad Brains’ reunion show in the gallery above, as well as fan-filmed video below! Darryl Jenifer’s Mind Power exhibition will remain open at Brooklyn’s Okay Space until Aug. 1, so be sure to check it out.

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