Bad Omens may be one of the more popular bands on social media, but it appears that two of the band's members are taking a bit of a break from the interactive platforms. Bad Omens frontman Noah Sebastian deleted all of his social media accounts in December, and now drummer Nick Folio has deactivated his Instagram account.

The State of the Scene podcast first made note of Folio's exit from social media, but the drummer's X account still remains intact with archived posts. However, the musician hadn't been very active on the platform, mostly reposting other accounts. His most recent repost came on Oct. 1, 2023, and his most recent original post on the platform was on Aug. 27, 2022.

No further commentary was given by the drummer about his social media pause or exit.

But singer Noah Sebastian was more than forthcoming about his reasoning for leaving the interactive platforms while granting an interview to Metal Hammer in early January. Sebastian remarked, “I was trying to use my socials, and I just had to constantly mute them. I got really tired of seeing my own face, or seeing a stranger’s opinion of me every day. I don’t think that’s healthy. I’ve seen these accounts that collect baby pictures of me they find on a distant relative’s Facebook and make an entire shrine out of them."

The singer argued that that aspect of the internet is "very one-sided," because if he shared a set of photos of a female musician or celebrity when she was a child, he'd potentially be viewed in a negative light.

"It’d be weird, it’d be extremely inappropriate," he elaborated. "It’s really funny how selective people are with their ethics.”

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As for Folio's social media exit, several fans made note on X.

While both Sebastian and Folio have seemingly hit pause or shut down their social interactivity, the Bad Omens band accounts still remain intact, providing an outlet of promotion and discussion for the group on X, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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