Bad Omens vocalist Noah Sebastian has deleted all of his social media accounts.

The State of the Scene podcast took note of the recent events, which has spurred reactions from fans, some feeling worried while others ease back on the panic, knowing Sebastian was not active on social media for a while now.

Noah Sebastian Wasn't Active on Social Media Lately

In an r/BadOmens thread on Reddit one year ago, a new fan asked other fans why Sebastian was not active on his Twitter (now X) and Instagram profiles, noting that he had zero Instagram posts at the time.

The community responded, noting that a lot of fans have hyper sexualized Sebastian online and that it became a matter of privacy as the "stalkers" became more intrusive regarding his personal life.

In an interview with Revolver in the spring, Sebastian lamented social media and, in particular, TikTok. He was able to manipulate how others used the social media platform by playing what he admitted was "not a nice game" onstage, stating certain phrases or walking to his tour bus at a certain time at night, which would then fuel TikTok posts baked with partial truths and loads of speculation.

Seeing this distortion of his own likeness prompted him to stay away from posting on social media as he pleaded, "Don't make me or Bad Omens your life. Please."

Amid the concern and worry amongst the Bad Omens fanbase, one fan was keen to point out that these now deleted accounts were not being used.

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Fans Express Concern + Hope For Noah Sebastian's Wellbeing

We've seen musicians leave social media for various reasons in recent years. One leading reason (that isn't socio-political) is a matter of mental wellbeing.

Several studies (here, here and here, for example) have linked social media usage (in various scopes of usage time and age) with negative mental health consequences.

Naturally, it has spurred some fans to express concern for Sebastian's own mental wellbeing. We won't highlight all of these responses as this is purely speculative, but one reply below is reflective of what dozens of others have said as well.

What Have Bad Omens Been Up To Recently?

Bad Omens wrapped up their headlining Concrete Forever North American tour with Erra and I See Stars in October, still out in support of their massively successful 2022 album, THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND.

Their last performance was at Hell & Heaven metal Fest in Mexico on Nov. 4.

Bad Omens' Plans for 2024

In late January, Bad Omens will embark on a European leg of the Concrete Forever tour with support from Poppy.

The band also has some dates on the books in April and May, a mix of rescheduled tour dates and new shows.

As to whether Bad Omens will release any new music remains unknown.

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