Welcome to Part 2 of our intriguing interview with Jay Bentley, Brooks Wackerman and Brian Baker of Bad Religion. In this second half of our chat, the trio talk about how their outside projects help keep them together, their past histories with former bands, their greatest influences + more.

In Part 1 of our exclusive Bad Religion interview, the three musicians spoke about their newest album, 'True North,' along with their personal views on religion itself. Now, you'll hear guitarist Brian Baker talk about starting up the legendary Minor Threat in high school, drummer Brooks Wackerman's childhood project Bad4Good, bassist's Jay Bentley's issues with gardening and much more.

Enjoy! It's Part 2 of our exclusive chat with Bad Religion below, and don't forget to enter our Bad Religion tour merch giveaway:

Bad Religion Talk to Loudwire (Part 2 of 2)