While high school is often where you have your first music loves, college is often where you start to hone your musical likes with a clearly defined love. Sean Miller, radio host for The Feinline 98.7 FM NYC, journalist at NJ.com and Soccer Betting Genius is back with his picks for the albums that soundtracked his college years. That would be 1992-1994. Check out Sean's list below, provided in partnership with Gambler Media.

When I was dropped off in New York City for college, I had some musical knowledge.

By the time I ended my first year, I basically had a PhD in musicology, and the stage was set for my love of music the rest of my life.

My roommate had a giant Fishbone poster on the wall (who the hell was Fishbone?) My school took us to the Tunnel in the first week of orientation, and by the end of the year, my buddy was DJing at Limelight, and we were trying to get to shows once a week all over the city.

Nowadays, you can place wagers on which band will win this award at this show with some of these British gambling sites, or which hard rock album is going to be the winner on another award show: That was not even allowed back then (I don’t think you could with my bookie?) But would my favorite music have odds as the best album of the year?

Of course: I liked some of the most iconic albums of the time. And the BET Hip Hop Awards recently recognized Steve Rifkind for the role he played in bringing Wu Tang Clan to the world stage. While this is a rock site, Enter the 36 Chambers was rock and roll as much as rap: it changed the whole genre, along with Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

One group that also changed everything at that time was Rage Against the Machine. There was nothing like it, and it was mind blowing.

So, after the soundtrack to my high school was pretty scattered, the one to my first couple years of college became more condensed into certain genres. I started listening much more to WSOU (Seton Hall’s punk and hardcore heavy station) and 89.9 WKCR FM (of course I was going to listen to my school’s shows), as well as WDRE and Hot 97.

Here is a list of my top 11 albums from that period.

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