Baroness recently played shows as a trio while drummer Sebastian Thomson returned home to look after his girlfriend. At the time, his exit was described as a family emergency, and now that the drummer has returned to the group, he's filled in the details on why exactly he left.

According to the musician, his girlfriend was assaulted by a "would-be rapist" at her apartment, but managed to fight off the assailant. Thomson revealed that officers from the NYPD were helpful and managed to find her attacker within 24 hours. His social media post, which also thanks the band's fans for being so unconditionally supportive, can be viewed below.

Thomson joined the band in 2013 after the decade-long run of the band's previous drummer Allen Blickle. His lone album with the band so far is the 2015 release, Purple.

Baroness just finished their European run last night in Madrid, Spain, and will return stateside with appearances at Heavy Montreal and the Impact Music Festival in Bangor, Maine on July 28 and 29.

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