Georgian progressive sludge-merchants Baroness have just released 'Take My Bones Away' from their upcoming 2012 full-length, 'Yellow & Green.' To say that this album is highly anticipated would diminish the insane online presence of Baroness' fans and their reactions to the new cut.

Baroness exploded into the metal underground with their 2007 release, 'Red Album' and its critically celebrated follow-up, 'Blue Record.' Earlier today, the first peace of 'Yellow & Green' was revealed as 'Take My Bones Away' was unleashed on the band's YouTube channel.

'Take My Bones Away' is a healthy progression for the always interesting Baroness, although the track isn't nearly as sludgy or heavy as the band's previous work. Despite its cleaner sound, 'Take My Bones Away' is a finely crafted track, which is certain to lure new listeners to the band. The progression from 'Red' to 'Blue' to 'Yellow & Green' sounds like it is set to mirror that of Mastodon, who have been able to consistently please both critics and fans despite an increasingly pristine body of work.

The arguing between fans began to get heated only minutes after the track's release, but we highly recommend that you check out 'Take My Bones Away' and decide for yourself. Check out the track below and listen to what could be the first part of one of this year's most critically acclaimed releases.

Listen to Baroness, 'Take My Bones Away'