With the release of their third studio record, 'Yellow & Green,' Baroness have proven once again that they are capable of doing anything except stay complacent. Three albums and three EPs into their career, this band has continued to not allow itself to be defined by any specific genre; instead, they let the music speak for itself.

While some long-time fans may not initially grasp 'Yellow & Green' - aptly named following both 'The Red Album' and 'Blue Record' - after spending some time with the record most will understand that Baroness are doing what Baroness do best: grow, progress and innovate. This two-disc album exemplifies Baroness' efforts to do just that. "We didn't want to do the same thing," drummer Allen Blickle told Loudwire in a recent interview. "We wanted to do something more expansive...We figured we needed something more, a longer album to do it."

After the opening 'Yellow Theme,' the band explodes into the first single, 'Take My Bones Away.' While this song is not necessarily representative of the sound of the entire record, it is probably one of the most accessible for long-time Baroness fans with its familiar sludgy sound. The same goes for the second track on the second disc, 'Board Up the House.' Spend some time with the two discs, though, and you'll soon find and fall in love with a whole new sound from Baroness.

The opening of 'March to the Sea' might be one of the most beautiful on 'Yellow & Green.' With its clean and almost ethereal guitar sounds, it doesn't take long for the song to take you by surprise as it explodes into a percussive dream with Blickle leading the charge on drums. Singer-guitarist John Baizley's vocals and lyrics add to this powerful track as he sings, "You left me all alone / Tell me when I will be whole again" in the first chorus.

Songs like 'Cocanium' and 'Collapse' continue to show the progression of Baroness, possibly opening the band to a whole new audience, while tunes like 'Sea Lungs' and 'The Line Between' keep enough of that classic Baroness sound to keep even the most hardcore fans happy.

'Yellow & Green' has solidified Baroness as forces to be reckoned with in the world of music as a whole. There is no question that it will stand the test of time. Baroness grows with each step they take, and 'Yellow & Green' is their biggest step forward yet.

4.5 Stars