We wrangled up two of metal’s manliest men to talk the finer points of facial hair! It’s ‘Beard Banter’ with Zakk Wylde and Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg!

Sometimes we’re so inundated with talented people coming through the office that sometimes their paths cross in between shoots. With both Zakk Wylde and Johan Hegg hitting our studio on the same day, we asked them to shoot a segment together about beards. They happily obliged and we ended up with Beard Banter!

Since Zakk and Johan have both sported epic beards for decades, we asked the duo essential beard-related questions. The two metal titans (and their beards) riffed off each other discussing topics like the weirdest thing they’ve gotten stuck in their beard and if they’ve ever had any beard injuries. Turns out both guys have had some catastrophic beard accidents, which they describe in detail for this segment.

Do Zakk or Johan have names for their beards? We know it’s a question you’ve been dying to ask either one of these men. You’ll find out if, in fact, Zakk or Johan has a beard moniker. We even found out that Zakk and Johan have their own beard idols! Johan pointed to someone very close by, whereas Zakk praised two distinct gentlemen who embody to unwavering spirit of beard power!

Enjoy this episode of Beard Banter with Zakk Wylde and Johan Hegg! Zakk Wylde’s newest album, Book of Shadows II, is available here and Amon Amarth’s new Jomsviking album can be picked up here.

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