Former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman has remained busy in the band's post-split era. While he's toured with Suicidal Tendencies, Weinman has also carved out some time for solo work, and one of his songs has now surfaced to a wider audience.

Weinman started a Patreon account, and "It Is Nothing" was the first track available to those who signed up. Since that time, two additional songs have followed, but now Weinman is offering the synth-heavy, moody cut "It Is Nothing" to a wider audience, also making more people aware of his Patreon account in the process.

“This Patreon was created to motivate me to continue to make stuff despite my recent retirement from being a full-time musician. All proceeds will go towards taking care of the animals at a rescue my wife, and I run out of our home," reveals Weinman. “If you would like to sign up, we would be forever grateful, and so would our little friends. You can do so by going here."

Speaking about the track, he added, “This song goes out to all the hunters, hunting for life who can’t spend any money but are still selling rice. Maybe living for the weekends, but those days never come? You’ll say on your deathbed that it was all dumb. This song is a meditation and features the beautiful violin work of Earl Maneein. Use it to free yourself of your chains. Thank you to the moon and back Oleg Rooz for creating these kick-ass visuals to my music." Check out the song below.

Those interested in investigating the Patreon further or would like a high quality wav file download of "It Is Nothing" should head here.

As for Suicidal Tendencies, dates are currently booked into November. See the upcoming stops here.

Benjamin Weinman, "It Is Nothing"

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