Since the end of The Dillinger Escape Plan, guitarist Ben Weinman has kept himself busy with a number of projects. His latest turn comes in film scoring, as he's currently working on the upcoming Tyrese Gibson / John Malkovich action thriller Red 48.

Details of the film were just released, with Weinman finally being able to discuss his involvement in the project.

"Really great to see the official announcement for #Red48. I've been hacking away at the score for this and its getting pretty weird," stated the multi-instrumentalist in his Instagram post. "Thank you @jonkeeyes for having so much faith in me and special thanks to my man @jessekorman for bringing me in the loop so early in the game. Its been awesome."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film stars Gibson as Kyle Snowden, a troubled former Marine-turned-child protective services officer who is tasked with saving an immigrant child from a danger criminal who is holding a group of hostages in a convenience store. The store also happens to be owned by Sam Safty (Malkovich), the Marine's controversial stepfather.

Jon Keeyes is directing the film, which is currently wrapping production. An official release date has not been announced.

In addition to his scoring work, Weinman has worked with Suicidal Tendencies and has started up a Patreon account where he's been releasing some of his solo material.

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