The Party Smasher Sanctuary, run by Suicidal Tendencies and former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, was seriously damaged by Hurricane Ida. A tornado touched down nearby, forcing Weinman and wife Jennifer to round up the rescue animals and stash them into a barn.

The sanctuary began after Weinman purchased a farm home in 2018 and adopted a handful of the previous owners' animals. Ben and Jennifer became parents to dozens of furry and feathered friends and launched a Patreon to help care for them all.

The sanctuary was hit hard by the storm caused by Hurricane Ida earlier this week. According to Weinman, almost his entire animal pen was swept away by the flooding. “Last night almost my entire animal pen was swept away and all the animals were loose in a tornado,” Weinman posted to Instagram. “I was lucky enough to get them all locked in the barn eventually. Today we woke up to chaos. My friends came to the rescue and worked all day with me to fix the fencing. I can’t believe how amazing these guys are. Community is everything and I’m so lucky to have these boys and all the awesome people checking in on us. Thank you @keithplumstead @vagrant_forever @brian.metz @franzturdenand @kevvonholt”

Weinman posted videos of the flooding of his property along with the first steps toward rebuilding the animal pen.

Fans can donate to the Party Smasher Sanctuary via Patreon. Suicidal Tendencies have a handful of festival shows booked for 2021. For their full list of dates, click here.

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