After eight long years, U.K. thrash revivalists Evile are back with a new record, 'Hell Unleashed.' The band rose to prominence among the 'neo-thrash' wave that cropped up in the mid 2000s and carried on remarkably strong into the early 2010s as the subgenre continued its resurgence through new age heroes and '80s veterans alike. Rather than rehash the same conversations we've all had about the classics, we asked OL Drake for his picks for the Best Thrash Albums of the 2010s, revisiting the best of the most recent decade to have passed.

Hello! OL Drake from Evile here!

The band had been relatively inactive since my leaving in 2013, but fast forward to 2018 where I rejoined and we began working on our fifth album. Fast forward even further to 2020 and my brother/frontman left the band. We decided it would be the path of least resistance for a familiar face to step into the frontman shoes, and I was well up for the challenge.

The approach of our new material is more on the fast, aggressive side of thrash; even venturing into death metal influences. Hell Unleashed is out worldwide April 30th via Napalm Records (get your copy here), and you can hear the title track below while you scope out my picks for the Best Thrash Albums of the 2010s!

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Evile, "Hell Unleashed" Music Video

10 Best 2010s Thrash Albums, by Evile's OL Drake

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