Does Austin Snell or Warren Zeiders have the better country rock crossover song at the moment? That's the battle this week as part of Loudwire Nights' Chuck's Fight Club.

But before we ding in the two competitors, it's worth noting the impact that country artists have started having on the rock charts over the past year. Acts such as Jelly Roll, Hardy and now Austin Snell and Warren Zeiders have defied genre lines in embracing all of their influences and found that both rock and country listeners are open to it.

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Austin Snell and Warren Zeiders are two names you need to know and in this week's Chuck's Fight Club, we'll put the spotlight on the two young artists making a name for themselves on both sides of two of music's most beloved genres. It's also our very own heaven and hell situation was Austin Snell serves up the heavenly "Pray All the Way Home" and Warren Zeiders is singing about a "Sin So Sweet."

As with all the Chuck's Fight Club matchups, Chuck will feature the full matchup during the Monday night broadcast at 8PM, with our host breaking down the argument for each of the eras individually on the Tuesday and Wednesday shows at 8PM and the eventual winner being spotlighted after the votes are tallied at 8PM on the Friday edition of Loudwire Nights.

Just be sure to get your votes in before the 7PM start of Friday's Loudwire Nights broadcast to ensure your voice in heard. Then check in Friday night to see which current country rock song you voted the best.

And just this reminder, Loudwire Nights with Chuck Armstrong airs nightly starting at 7PM ET. You can tune in anytime, from anywhere right here or by downloading the Loudwire app.

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