Who's ready for the return of David Lynch's masterpiece, Twin Peaks? You can count Between the Buried and Me's Dan Briggs for one, as the bassist was psyched enough to do a new cover of the Twin Peaks theme song in anticipation.

The original, titled "Falling," was written by Lynch and his longtime composing partner Angelo Badalamenti and featured the airy vocals of Julee Cruise over a haunting yet dreamlike soundscape. You can revisit the video for the original song here.

For his version, Briggs deconstructs the track a bit putting his own spin on the song. It is no less haunting and dreamlike in its sound, but does have a heavier, at times crushing vibe to the overall sound. The bassist's contrasts on the song are more extreme with breathy vocals layered over forceful electronic beats. Take a listen below.

“When I was in college I started down the rabbit hole of everything David Lynch and have found so much inspiration in his work over the years," says Briggs in his comments about the track. "This is a song that has haunted me for most of my life as I was 6 when the series originally aired and my parents were immersed in it. I really wanted to put my spin on it as it’s probably the most gorgeous three chord song in existence; and I wanted the end of the song to feel like you were being sucked into the Black Lodge.”

If you too can't wait for the return of David Lynch's Twin Peaks to the airwaves after 25 years, then be sure to tune in at 9PM ET / PT tonight for the premiere episode of the new season of Twin Peaks on Showtime.

Between the Buried and Me's Dan Briggs Covers the Twin Peaks Theme

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