Rejoice metalheads! Between the Buried and Me have just finished writing their next full-length album. As the follow-up to 2011's 'Parallax' EP and their 2009 full-length, 'The Great Misdirect,' BTBAM fans have come to expect smoldering musicianship with off-the-wall experimentation -- and according to bassist Dan Briggs, that's exactly what we'll get.

Briggs recently spoke about the upcoming Between the Buried and Me album during an interview with Absolute Punk. "As you are talking to me tonight, we are finishing up the last song, which isn’t the last song on the record, but the last song we have to write still. We’re about to eat some dinner, go back and work on the last section and call it a day. Call it an album I guess. We’re essentially done writing after today."

The band will spend some time in may tracking and mixing the album with longtime producer Jamie King before BTBAM are scheduled to take off on the 2012 Summer Slaughter Tour in July.

"Coming into this record, this has been the easiest writing process because we only focused on a half-hour’s worth of material a year and a half or so ago, we came into this with so much material and a good idea of what we wanted to do," explains Briggs. "I feel like it doesn’t have much in common soundwise with 'Parallax.' It’s pretty f---ing out there.

Briggs continues, "It’s got stuff that maybe we’ve touched on a little bit style wise on previous records. We went there this time. Stretched that out for a whole song or whatever. I’d say, maybe not the most focused, but the most cohesive from song to song and throughout the album. We kind of did this concept writing with 'Colors,' but this one even more so feels like an actual solid piece of music within the confines of an hour or whatever. I haven’t been able to sit down and listen to it from start to finish yet, but we’re all really excited about it."

The bassist also says to expect the release of the upcoming Between the Buried and Me experiment this coming Fall.