Big news from Between the Buried and Me! The band posted a photo of all five members (and longtime producer Jamie King) adorned in assorted snuggies! Also, BTBAM will return to the studio in January to record their seventh studio album.

Between the Buried and Me's sixth full-length, 'The Parallax II: Future Sequence,' was placed at No. 1 on our Best Metal Albums of 2012 list, so the news of BTBAM's return to the studio is extremely exciting news. The band has once again recruited Jamie King to produce the album, and BTBAM fans wouldn't have it any other way.

The band announced the forthcoming endeavor via Facebook:

In two more weeks we will be reunited with the master Jamie King to record our 7th full length album together. Until then, enjoy the holidays! -BTBAM

Back in late 2013, we spoke with BTBAM guitarist Paul Waggoner about where the band will possibly proceed with album No. 7. "The [Parallax] story is, I think, done," Waggoner said. "I think we wanted to just do the two-thing, although we left sort of an open door. Maybe we could go further with it, but I don’t think we will. I think that was a cool challenge that we sort of gave to ourselves."

Frontman Tommy Rogers added, "I think I’m done with space. I mean, we’ve done so much space. There’s so much space now. Space is so “in.” You think it’s us that made it “in”? Are we the reason for ‘Gravity’?" [Laughs]

Stay tuned as further BTBAM updates arrive!