Former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward recently released the album Accountable Beasts under the name the Bill Ward Band. In an extensive interview that you can check out above, Ward talks about the album along with numerous other topics including another project he's involved with.

“I think it’s just everything going on, you know, we’ve kept it a secret; it keeps leaking a little bit, but you know I have a new rock trio, as well," Ward says. "And so, we can’t officially say anything about it but after this interview I’m on my way to rehearse with them."

Ward continues, "We’re in the studio starting Monday (June 15th) recording a brand new album with the rock trio, besides BWB (Bill Ward Band). So, yours truly, I was kicking ass. I played drums for eight hours yesterday. I mean seriously, I’m getting down and just f--king playing.”

The conversation also turned to the topic of whether once Ward has recorded something, if he has a problem letting the album go, Ward referred to one of Black Sabbath's classic songs. "In general, I like to be really sure that we've got everything," Ward says. "Did we do it right? Have we got everything? Does it sound okay? Once I feel like I've reached that place of 'okayness,' I don't have any problem with letting it go."

He continues, "However, it is true to say that I still am listening to mixes of… First of all, probably the most famous one is the bass drum sound on "Iron Man." I'm still not happy with the f--king bass drum sound. But I let it go. I have let it go. But it's, like, that bass drum sound, I wanted it to be so much bigger and better."

As to his future with Black Sabbath, even though Ward recently accepted a lifetime achievement award with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, he says he won't participate in the band until his dispute with Ozzy Osbourne is resolved.

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