Billy Corgan is still showing his claws against Anderson Cooper’s mocking of his PAWS magazine cover back in late October, when a segment on CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper Live’ put the Smashing Pumpkins frontman on Cooper’s ‘RidicuList’ and claimed Corgan was ‘off his alternative rocker.’

Corgan first took to Twitter to defend himself, but now he tells SFWeekly that Cooper’s CNN team didn’t do proper research.

"I think it said everything about the fact that people don’t read beyond headlines, this hipster-based thing of ‘look how far he’s fallen, he’s fallen to doing cat magazines.' The fact that no one on his staff even bothered to Google it — because there’s no way they would have ran that [segment] if they knew it was for charity."

Corgan continued to defend himself against all of his critics, even comparing himself to Foo Fighters.

"You are literally the piñata of the day, which is why the Anderson Coopers don’t stand for anything — they’re nothing more than ambulance chasers. And the great irony that in a four-day cycle, he interviewed the Foo Fighters, then tore into me for being on the cover of a cat magazine. Foo Fighters, value; Billy, piñata. But the more people who treat me like piñata, the more strength I have. My credibility becomes almost unassailable. Because I’ve made mistakes, and I admit them, you cannot f--- with me on my record. Or on my records. How do you explain someone like me? Your math formulas just don’t work."

Corgan even recently took his hatred of Anderson Cooper to the Smashing Pumpkins' merch table, where he sold "F--- You Anderson Cooper' t-shirts at one of the band's recent shows.

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