Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has always been one to have a lot of irons in the fire, but it looks as though one of those irons is no longer being stoked, while another iron is starting to heat up. Over the weekend, Corgan revealed via Twitter that he was no longer working with Resistance Pro Wrestling.

In a pair of tweets, Corgan stated, "For those interested, I've left Resistance Pro Wrestling, officially and unofficially. Details to follow in the coming weeks." He added, "And though this is by no means a way to reach them, I'd like to thank the talented wrestlers, managers and valets I've worked with."

Corgan served as Resistance Pro's creative director and had been set to star in an AMC reality series about the company. However, the show was recently nixed before making it to air.

But with one passion now taking a back seat, another interest has come to the forefront as Corgan is planning to take part in music theater production. According to a press release, the Music Theatre Company will launch its 2014-15 season with 'The 48-Hour Musicals: Encore' and the world premiere of a 20-minute musical created by Corgan.

'The 48-Hour Musicals' finds established writers creating, rehearsing and performing a 15-minute musical over the span of a 48-hour period. The program will conclude with Corgan's production.

“We are thrilled to be revisiting these pieces which ultimately inspired future TMTC commissions and to be premiering a work by Billy Corgan in this year’s line up,” says Founding Artistic Director Jessica Beth Redish. Corgan adds, “My interest in musical theatre has grown throughout the years. Ms. Redish, I believe, is a visionary; she’s inspired me to jump into the narrative form in a fresh way.”

'The 48-Hour Musicals: Encore' will be staged at The Music Theatre Company in Highland Park, Ill. between Dec. 4-14. Tickets are currently available at this location.

Meanwhile, Corgan is building up to the Dec. 9 release of 'Monuments to an Elegy,' the latest disc from his band, Smashing Pumpkins.