Billy Corgan is quite busy these days, with time split between his wrestling management venture and his musical pursuits. In a new video update, Corgan offers updates on both fronts, but for music fans it's interesting to note that he's got a solo record in the works, has been writing music for Sierra Swan and once again hints at the possibility of Smashing Pumpkins potentially doing something with the classic members of the band.

During the chat, Corgan revealed that he's just about finished with his next solo album. The disc was produced by Rick Rubin and will feature 12 or 13 songs. He explained that for the most part, the record is done, with only a trip to Los Angeles to work with Rubin on finalizing the material left. The singer also reveals he's spent time writing music for Sierra Swan's next album, and added that she is one of his favorite artists.

As for Smashing Pumpkins and the potential for a reunion with classic band members, Corgan was careful as to what he said while also showing his playful side in delivering the news. “Well last time I said anything about SP news, it turned into a big story about how the band was reuniting, so I guess I’ll just let people read my facial ticks," said the vocalist, delivering ticks in spots throughout his commentary. "Is the band reuniting? I don’t know, but definitely making plans for next year, definitely making plans to tour next year under the name Smashing Pumpkins. Who will be onstage? We shall see. There’s my tick.”

He continued, “Call me crazy, but I am getting a hankering to starting writing rock and roll music again. I find myself obsessing on riffs in my head. I would say if I was going to make an album of Smashing Pumpkins music again, it would probably be somewhere between Gish and Siamese Dream type styles. I think I’m ready to get back to big riffs, big choruses. So I guess I have to get Jimmy Chamberlin on the phone, there’s another tick, and maybe some other people who used to be in the band.” Watch Corgan's update at the top of this post.

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