Billy Corgan has contributed the original song "Roustabout" to wrestling organization TNA, which he works for as a Senior Producer. Also, Corgan recently spoke about why he quit Twitter and how Facebook has created a generation of narcissists.

"Roustabout" was originally written for Smashing Pumpkins, but Corgan has given the song to TNA as an official theme. The rocker accepted the Senior Producer job with TNA last year, which he says he's "fully committed" to. Before TNA, Corgan was the Creative Director for Resistance Pro Wrestling in his hometown of Chicago.

Billy Corgan also recently took part in a town hall interview with Chicago TV personality and spiritual author Jennifer Weigel. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman used to own the handle @Billy on Twitter, but gave up on the site. “Can I put this in Chicago language? Twitter wasn’t doing s--t for me," Corgan said to Weigel. "Actually, somebody from Twitter called me and they wanted to know what happened, and I told them basically that in more kind language."

Corgan continued to tackle social media by taking on Facebook, "We’ve already created a generation of narcissists, that ship has sailed. Look no further than trying to have a conversation with a millennial to know what I’m talking about … Smashing Pumpkins currently have four million likes on Facebook. So, if you’re checking my site everyday and I post something like, ‘Hey, I took my dog for a walk’ and a little picture, you’ll see it but the other 3.99 million people [sic] won’t because they’re not visiting it everyday. So what Facebook wants you to do is ‘boost your posts’ or, this is where we get into Dumbland." [via Alternative Nation]

Check out footage of Billy Corgan skewering social media in the clip below.

Billy Corgan Talks Social Media

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