Ohio blues rockers the Black Keys toss Travel Channel host Anthony Bourdain into their seedy Plymouth Voyager for a trip to their favorite Rust Belt barbecue joint.

Anthony Bourdain, host of Travel Channel's 'No Reservations,' is no stranger to the world of rock 'n' roll. Bourdain has previously welcomed several rock acts to his show, most notably an ugly Christmas-sweatered Queens of the Stone Age for his 2007 holiday special. In an upcoming episode, the adventurous host will get into a "creeper van" with a couple of guys who may or may not want to make a "skin-suit" out of him.

The Black Keys -- driving the same van that appears on the cover of their latest album, which is ironically named 'El Camino' -- take Bourdain on a ride to Woodland Bar-B-Que, where they discuss their pre-fame eating habits. "When we first started touring we had $5 a day we could each spend on food,” reveals drummer Patrick Carney. “Dan though would usually save his money to go eat won-ton soup.”

You can see a clip of the Black Keys appearance on 'No Reservations' below, the full episode will air on April 16 at 9PM ET on the Travel Channel. The Black Keys have just finished the initial leg of their first-ever headlining arena tour and are also set to headline the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this and next weekend.

Watch the Black Keys on 'No Reservations'