Oh to have been a fly on the wall during the recording of Black Sabbath's classic, genre-defining album Paranoid. While most fans would have loved to have been in attendance during the creation of the disc, they're doing the next best thing by celebrating the 45th anniversary of the album in the rooms where it all came together.

According to the Birmingham Mail, rock historian Rob Horrocks is inviting fans to the Newtown Community Centre this Sunday (Sept. 20) to pay homage to the classic record and soak up a little bit of the vibe. The event, titled "Ozzy Zig, The Witch + The Warpig?," will include a vinyl playback of the band's first two albums along with a look at some of the band's musical influences and artifacts that are on display.

Horrocks, who has his own "Crossroads of Sabbath" walking tour that he's curated in the band's native Aston, says, "The community centre was new at the time, but it still has the original parquet floor on which Sabbath used to practice on. So this is a chance to hear how the songs they wrote in here -- like 'Black Sabbath' -- would have sounded to them."

In his Iron Man autobiography, Tony Iommi stated of the time recording, "We knew we had something, you could feel it. The hairs stood up on your arms. [It] was different. We didn't know what it was, but we liked it."

Tickets for "Ozzy Zig, The Witch + The Warpig?" at the Newtown Community Centre in Birmingham, England are available at this location.

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