It's truly happening! Even though Bill Ward was unable to come to terms on a contract, at least three-fourths of the original Black Sabbath lineup are back on the stage and performing together again. And that's not even mentioning the fact that they're writing and recording new music for the first time in decades.


Singer Ozzy Osbourne tells Metal Hammer that it's really begun to hit home how highly regarded his band was when it came to their place in the history of the metal genre. He explains, "I didn't know we were the forefathers of metal. When I used to do Ozzfest I hadn't realized we had such an impact on the young bands. I'm proud of that alone. I wasn't aware for a long time. I thought everyone was just taking the piss, you know?"

Osbourne and Geezer Butler go further in depth on their career in the 172-page Metal Hammer tribute issue hitting stores this week. Black Sabbath recently returned to the stage in their hometown of Birmingham, England, with guitarist Tony Iommi making through the show just fine after spending a good portion of the year receiving treatment for cancer.

Osbourne is playing several 'Ozzy & Friends' shows this summer, while the Black Sabbath reunion will continue with high profile gigs at the Download Festival June 10 in Derby, England, and their headlining Lollapalooza set on Aug. 3 in Chicago.