With the solar eclipse captivating everyone's attention this April (2024), let's look back on that time Ozzy Osbourne played "Bark at the Moon" during a total eclipse in 2017.

Fans were given a once-in-a-lifetime treat at Moonstock Festival. The Prince of Darkness and his band performed “Bark at the Moon” during the exact moment of the eclipse’s totality.

Moonstock took place in Carterville, one of the southernmost parts of Illinois and a part of the U.S. that experienced the longest duration (two minutes and forty-one seconds) of the rare and spectacular eclipse. To get perfectly in sync with the event, Ozzy Osbourne started his set super early at 1:20PM.

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Ozzy’s eclipse celebration was incredible, with his band kicking off “Bark at the Moon” in pure daylight. The sky began to dim as Ozzy hit his first verse and chorus. By the time the metal legend’s second verse came, the moon fully obscured the sun, sending Moonstock into complete darkness.

For nearly three minutes, everything was black as night as the crowd went wild for both Ozzy and the celestial rarity.

Once “Bark at the Moon” concluded, the sky was bright again. The organizers had pulled the feat off perfectly.

Check out the fan-filmed footage below of Ozzy’s performance during the eclipse, featuring extremely clear shots of our moon obscuring the sun.

Ozzy Osbourne, "Bark at the Moon" During 2017 Solar Eclipse

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