Everyone knows Mac Sabbath were the founders of “Drive Thru” metal and went on to create paths for Twisted Sizzler, Burger King Diamond and Iggy Popeyes. The mac attackers recently brought a scrumptiously, guilt free time to New York City’s Highline Ballroom and we had a chance to catch the show. The parody cover band brings humor to the stage while making Black Sabbath tunes all of their own with food-infused lyrics.

Instead of “Iron Man,” “N.I.B.,” “Fairies Wear Boots” and “Children of the Grave” the enthusiastic crowd got the caloric versions hilariously titled, “Frying Pan,” “N.I.B.B.L.E.,” “Cherries are Fruits” and "Chicken for the Slaves.” Frontman Ronald Osbourne is a crazed grilling, drinking madman onstage, while on the bass was a large smoked out looking Grimalice. Slayer MacCheeze slayed riffs all night and purring away on the drums was the very adorable CatBurglar also known as Glamburglar aka Peter Criss Cut Fries.

Whether Ronald Osbourne was wrestling out of a straitjacket, pulling a giant straw out of his pants and drinking everyone’s beer with it or pouring his liquor filled ketchup and mustard bottled on everyone, the fun is nonstop from beginning to end. To everyone’s delight the band ended with their version of “Paranoid” which happens to be called “Pair-a-Buns.” When the “Drive Thru” metal act Mac Sabbath comes to town, they’re definitely worth checking out if you want a damn good time free of GMOs.

Fellow parody act The U.S. Americans performed beforehand and the hometown crew in Syka brought wild and sexy fun to the stage as they kicked off the night with a lively performance.

Check out photos in our gallery above of Mac Sabbath performing in New York City!

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