It's the beginning of the end for Black Sabbath as they prepare to kick off their farewell tour dubbed 'The End.' Jan. 20 will mark the first date on their last run and the titans of doom and forefathers of heavy metal have offered up a sneak peak at what fans can expect to see. The video (seen above — spoiler alert for the setlist) shows the band rehearsing a wealth of old classics, including some that haven't been played since the '70s.

Opening the video are clips of Tony Iommi's guitars, which are visibly worn with chipped paint on the bodies, Tommy Clufetos' drum set, and flashes of gear being set up. The band is shown walking into the rehearsal studio and Iommi states, "Well we're just going to run through a few of the — the newer old ones we haven't played for a while." The video cuts to Ozzy Osbourne introducing "Hand of Doom" and Geezer Butler's familiar bass line comes in. He states, "I like playing "Hand of Doom" because we haven't done that since the early '70s."

Detailing their early history, Ozzy states, "One of the proudest things in my whole career is the fact that we weren't a band that was created by some business mogul from London." "We lived literally around the corner from each other and there's very few bands that can say that," said Butler. Iommi continues the sentiment, adding "We've known each other so long, I mean Ozzy and I, we went to school together — we're into it like 57 years."

Fast forwarding to the present, Iommi curiously comments, "It's great to be able to start and finish with the same people." One historic face will be absent from the band's lineup as Bill Ward and the rest of Black Sabbath were unable to reach an agreement that would find the estranged drummer back behind the kit, bashing away at the songs that spawned a genre.  As mentioned, Tommy Clufetos will be featured anchoring the band like he has for the last four years.

Black Sabbath will be releasing a tour-exclusive compilationThe End, which will be comprised of four new studio tracks from the 13 sessions and four never before heard live songs. For a full list of North American tour dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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