It shouldn't shock anyone that Black Sabbath continued working on their new album through the Thanksgiving holiday. They are English and Thanksgiving is an American holiday. However, singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family have assimilated into American culture and celebrate Turkey Day. His daughter, the always outspoken Kelly Osbourne, tweeted that the band's reunion and album progress put a crimp in her holiday plans.

She posted: "thanx @OfficialSabbath 4 ruining my thanksgiving by staying in the studio u miserable old tea drinkers! ps I'm bringing u food to the studio."

Miserable old tea drinkers? We love that Kelly doesn't mince words.

She followed that sarcastic tweet with another, writing: "since its just me and my mum in town looks like we will now be spending thanksgiving in the studio with @OfficialSabbath could be worse :)" We bet we could find thousands of metalheads and hard rockers who would swap out having turkey and stuffing with family in order to spend time in the studio with Sabbath.

Despite her holiday being jacked by Sabbath's reunion and recording efforts, Kelly did enjoy a sweet treat, courtesy of dear old dad. Ozzy made a distinctly English desert for his little girl. Kelly tweeted: "to make up for the fact that my dad was w/ @OfficialSabbath recording he made me the best sticky toffee pudding for thanksgiving dinner! <3"

Mmmm. Sticky toffee pudding. If you've never had it, it's good stuff, and as we said, very English.

The fact that Sabbath remained hard work during a holiday should further excite fans about the album and the tour, which are set for next year.