What does Blink-182 sound like minus Tom DeLonge? We now have a better idea, as the group just released the new single "Bored to Death." By listening to and watching the lyric video above, you'll get your first taste of newly recorded music with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba subbing in for DeLonge.

The track starts off a little muted, before the melodic guitar sounds, Travis Barker's drumming and Mark Hoppus' vocals kick in. The good news is that it sounds right in the realm of what Blink have done in the past. "Save your breath / I'm nearly / Bored to death / And Fading Fast / Life is too short to last long" is the chorus of the song, while lyrics play out across the screen with some pretty intricate animations. The song comes from the band's new album, California," which is expected to arrive on July 1.

In early 2015, tensions between band members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker and their now estranged bandmate Tom DeLonge came to a head, with the band announcing that DeLonge was no longer with the group. After a very public back-and-forth, the group decided to recruit Skiba first for a scheduled appearance and then to continue playing with them as they recorded their new album.

The band has spent a good portion of the year working on new music. Back in January, drummer Travis Barker told Los Angeles' KROQ, "It’s awesome because we’re all actually in the studio, where we couldn’t get that with the old lineup. It was impossible to get all three of us in the same studio. I think with a band you can’t just phone it in. You gotta be there. For that great chemistry and for everyone to really vibe you gotta all be in the same room. It’s just exciting. It’s a new chapter and we’re not striving for mediocrity, we’re looking to kill it. We’re gonna make a great album."

To get your pre-orders in, you can do so here. The band has started to fill their summer touring schedule with a handful of festival appearances. Click here to keep up to date with where they're playing.

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