Last week  played their first show with of . It was a warmup gig before their MusInk Festival appearance over the weekend. That followed back and forth drama about Tom DeLonge's status in the band, and in a new interview with Billboard, drummer  talks about Skiba and Blink-182's future plans.

As to the reception to Blink's first gig with Skiba, Barker says, "Oh, it was so fun 'cause you're in a practice room for four weeks and I know how dope it sounds and I know how good the vibe is going, but no one else does. So it's finally like, 'Okay, we've heard Trav talk about it, we've heard Mark talk about it, we just witnessed it.'"

Barker continues, "Fans pretty much feel the same way. In San Diego during our encore, kids were chanting 'Skiba, Skiba.' It was awesome. I'm glad we did them too because this is a lot of people just to walk out in front of for the first time."

As for what's next with Blink-182, Barker says, "We don't know -- there are talks of all sorts of things. There's talk of maybe recording an album, there are talks of doing a tour with A Day To Remember, so we'll see what happens."

DeLonge has revealed he has a busy 2015 planned, with two Angels and Airwaves records and two solo albums planned for release this year.

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