Bobby Blotzer has been in the thick of a legal battle for the Ratt name with his three former bandmates for nearly two years. With his incarnation of the band actively performing, they will be taking a break as the drummer plans to undergo spinal surgery.

Detailing everything in a Facebook post (seen below), Blotzer first noted how fans may have seen him struggling with typical movement offstage in recent years. He then revealed he had been combatting his back issues with epidural spinal injections for the last six years and the time has finally come to go in for surgery. Attached are photos of his spine, showing that one of the vertebrae had collapsed with another on the verge of doing the same.

The procedure will take place just two days after Blotzer's version of Ratt performs in Ft. Yates, North Dakota on March 18. Opting to spare the "pretty f--cked up" details about how the operation is performed, the skinsman came across as unfazed, stating, "Same as I did basically in 2013 when I fused C-6-7, cervical."

Blotzer promised to return to the road in June with his version of Ratt as they "mop up this litigation." The drummer's case for ownership over the Ratt name has seemingly thinned in recent weeks as a judge denied his appeal earlier this month in the trademark infringement case, though Blotzer fired back, "This is definitely not over."

As of press time, it is not known who will be fronting Blotzer's Ratt for their upcoming shows following the departure of singer Joshua Alan earlier this month.

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