In late 2019, three original members of Children of Bodom announced their simultaneous departure. It spelled the end of the band as these members retain the rights to their share of ownership of the band name, which prompted frontman and songwriter Alexi Laiho to reboot under the moniker Bodom After Midnight. The group made their live debut in Finland on Oct. 23 and video has surfaced from the event.

The 17-song set was comprised entirely of Children of Bodom covers while new material remains in the works as Bodom After Midnight intend to release their first record in 2021. The show signified the true beginning of a new era for Laiho, who retained guitarist Daniel Freyberg from the previous Children of Bodom lineup (he joined in 2016) and also recruited drummer Waltteri Väyrynen, bassist Mitja Toivonen (ex-Santa Cruz) and touring keyboardist Lauri Salomaa.

Laiho's requirement for the change in band name came as a result of him previously selling his share of the band (despite being the primary songwriter).

The rights to the Children of Bodom name fall under a company owned by the trio of departed members — Jaska Raatikainen (drums), Henri 'Henkka T. Blacksmith' Seppälä (bass) and Janne Wirman (keyboards) — meaning Laiho can not use the Children of Bodom name without permission. A statement was released by that trio in December of last year, clarifying the status of the band name.

The set leaned heavily toward Bodom's so-called "classic" period with 11 of the 17 tracks taken from just three records — HatebreederFollow the Reaper and Hate Crew Deathroll.

View the complete set list (via below as well as fan-shot performance videos of "Needled 24/7," "Warheart" and "In Your Face."

Bodom After Midnight, "Needled 24/7"

Bodom After Midnight, "Warheart"

Bodom After Midnight, "In Your Face"

Bodom After Midnight Set List — Oct. 23, 2020 (All Children of Bodom Covers)

01. "Needled 24/7"
02. "Silent Night, Bodom Night"
03. "Bodom After Midnight"
04. "Sixpounder"
05. "Platitudes and Barren Words"
06. "Living Dead Beat"
07. "Knuckleduster"
08. "Angels Don't Kill"
09. "Hate Me!"
10. "Deadnight Warrior"
11. "Hatebreeder"
12. "Everytime I Die"
13. "Warheart"
14. "Downfall"
15. "Hate Crew Deathroll"
16. "Are You Dead Yet?"
17. "In Your Face"

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