We recently got the chance to hang with Body Count shredder Ernie C and bassist Vincent Price at Chicago Open Air. During our chat we spoke about Body Count’s latest album, Bloodlust, how the band is finally being recognized for good songs over the color of their skin and more.

With the release of Bloodlust this year, Body Count have been getting some of the most praise they've received in their career. After making what may end up being the essential BC album, Vincent Price is happy that race is playing less of a role in the group getting attention. “Finally the band is recognized for good songs and not just for the color or anything else,” says Price. “Finally they know that we’re actually good players and we can write good music. Now we have a record that presents it.”

Coming from South Central Los Angeles, Body Count’s surroundings have always been the inspiration for their music. Having emerged as the one metal band able to convey the black experience to a predominantly white audience and actually make them listen, Body Count have found themselves in a very unique position.

“When we started the band, we wanted to relay the black experience, the inner city experience to everyone,” Ernie says. “You know, the Beach Boys write about the beach, that’s where they live. We live in South Central. When we started the band, we wanted to put that energy forward so everyone can understand what we go through in the inner city.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Body Count above! Body Count are slotted to crush the first ever Loudwire Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles coming Oct. 24. Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi will be at the LMAs to accept the Courage Award, while legendary Judas Priest singer Rob Halford will be presented with the ‘Lemmy’ Lifetime Achievement Award. Halford is also amongst the first wave of performers announced for the awards show along with HalestormStarset and Power Trip. For all your LMAs details, visit the official Loudwire Music Awards website.

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