According to most, the birth of Iron Maiden dates back to Christmas Day 1975. Not for one Bolivian couple, who brought a baby boy into the world on Feb. 1, naming him after one of the world's greatest metal bands: Iron Maiden.

In a video news report from Ruptly, the child's father, César Durán Alpiri, explained that the band's mascot, Eddie, was one of the key inspirations for the decision. "It has a lot to do with Eddie The Head of Iron Maiden. I want my son to have that strength, that energy. I want him to fight for what he wants, to have the attitude and, above all, to be mentally strong," said Alpiri (translation via Blabbermouth).

In a report from ATB Digital, Alpiri stated he and his wife are aware of the social implications the name can bring, as many have already expressed their support or dissatisfaction with the name. "We know that in these hypothetical situations, social pressure will try to twist the will of my child, but there will be his family to teach him that happiness nests in our interior and that there are moments in which the only thing that can be done with the opinion of others, whether complete strangers, friends or best friends, is, to discard it," said the father (translation via Google).

The boy's birth certificate can be seen directly below, which displays his full name as Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz.

Iron Maiden (the band, not the baby) will be on tour again in 2017 as they continue to promote The Book of Souls, which we named the Best Metal Album of 2015. Eddie and the boys will return to North American on June 3 and a list of stops can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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