Could there be a Bring Me the Horizon / Halsey collaboration in our future? It certainly looks like a possibility, after Halsey posted video of herself in the studio supposedly with Bring Me the Horizon pair Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish.

The clip appears to begin after Halsey just finished singing, capturing the aftermath reaction. Halsey remains behind the mic as a voice off camera beams, "It sounds so cool." The vocalist says she feels like she wants to faint, with the the voice off camera stating, "Is it too crazy?" and Halsey concluding, "No it's sick."

While Fish and Sykes are not seen in the video, they are both tagged by Halsey in the video posting, seemingly tipping their attendance at the session.

While Halsey is primarily known in the pop world these days, she has previously proclaimed her fandom for Bring Me the Horizon and her early career saw her sharing tours with more alternative rock acts. Earlier this year, she also collaborated with Yungblud and Travis Barker on the stand-alone single "11 Minutes."

The peek inside the session did not yield any clues on where the collaboration would turn up, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

Update: Though not seen in the initial Instagram post, Oli Sykes has now posted a shot of himself with Halsey confirming their collaboration. See it below:

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