Bring Me the Horizon are one of the hottest bands going, from the heavier sound earlier in their career to rock radio hits today. In this edition of Loudwire's Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater, Bring Me the Horizon guitarist Lee Malia reflects on his introduction to music, rocks some of his favorite riffs and shows The Music Experience's Squiggy exactly how you play the band's popular favorite, "Happy Song."

While young Lee was exposed to plenty of classic rock growing up, everything from the Eagles to Dire Straits, it was actually Metallica that eventually caught his attention and made him want to play. He credits his father's musical tastes, recalling, "I remember he got S&M by Metallica and it was the first proper record I’d heard by them and something clicked. I don’t know, I just got to an age where I liked music. I got super into that and I just became obsessed with Metallica. I used to buy the music books, and sit there with an album and learn every riff of the album.”

According to Malia, the Metallica "Enter Sandman" riff was the first thing he wanted to learn to play, but reflecting on that period of learning music, it was "Master of Puppets" that most represents the time. “I remember playing that and thinking it was the best thing ever,” says the guitarist. He adds that Metallica was a good band to learn from, as they had riffs that were perfect for beginners, along with intricate material. Watch as Malia rocks a few Metallica riffs.

As for his own band, the guitarist points to the song "They Have No Reflections" as one of the group's first bonding moments, and how in the early days of the band, they were influenced by Norma Jean and Killswitch Engage.

To conclude this edition of Gear Factor, Squiggy asks Malia to take viewers through the playing of "Happy Song," a frequent track tackled by those attending The Music Experience.

Bring Me the Horizon are currently touring in support of their latest album, amo. You can find them at these stops. And if want to pick up the guitar just like Lee did all those years ago, be sure to get your gear needs satisfied at

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