Bring Me the Horizon fans are reacting to the news that the band has parted ways with keyboardist Jordan Fish, who joined in 2012 and has been a big part of their success over the last decade.

Fans are pretty bummed and for good reason, expressing dismay over Fish's departure while showing gratitude for all he's done for the band during his 11-year tenure.

Still, people can be pretty dramatic and some fans feel entitled to know the exact reasoning for this decision, simply because they've supported the band through the years.

Statements From Bring Me the Horizon + Jordan Fish

Bring Me the Horizon issued a statement this morning (Dec. 22), informing fans they had split with Fish. The keyboardist reshared this statement, noting that he is "grateful" for his time in the group and wishes them well while looking forward to his own future.

Fans Think They Deserve to Know the Reason

With such vague, generalized statements from each party, fans are dying to know more details. A band's internal dynamics are very private and what goes on behind the scenes are often kept out of view of the public eye. What this means is there's drama that goes on all the time that we're never aware of and if the band wants to keep matters private, that's up to them.

It's natural to be curious, but one fan took a moment to remind everyone "we're not entitled to know their reasoning," in response to some outcries that were observed.

Fans had suspected something was up last week regarding Fish's status in the band.

Now that a statement has arrived, some are disgruntled that it didn't say all they had hoped it would.

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Fans Praise Jordan Fish for All He's Done for Bring Me the Horizon

Since joining Bring Me the Horizon in 2012, Fish has been an integral part of the band's success, which has coincided with their stylistic evolution. While the band started off playing deathcore and gained traction, they broke through with Sempiternal, their first record to feature Fish's talents on keyboards and synthesizer and as a programmer and songwriter.

In addition to his skills as a musician, Fish also served as an engineer and aided in production.

Over the last decade, the band's popularity has exploded and that is in no small part due to Fish's contributions, which fans are keenly aware of amid their reactions to the news of his departure.

More Fan Reactions

Like we mentioned above — people can be dramatic. And that's fine. If you want to use your moping as a stepping stone to drop a reference to Bring Me the Horizon's "Drown" ("Who will fix me now?") then go for it. Let it out!

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