Bring Me the Horizon have parted ways with keyboardist Jordan Fish in a statement released this morning (Dec. 22).

The band is currently working on their next release, Post Human: NeX GEn, which will be the second of four planned installments under the Post Human title. They will continue to write new material, now enduring a shaking amongst their personnel, as detailed in the statement seen below.

Bring Me The Horizon has decided to part ways with Jordan Fish. We want to thank him for the musical journey he took with us and wish him luck with everything in the future. Meanwhile we continue to work on Nex Gen, with brand new music coming very soon.

See you on our UK tour in January.

Fish joined Bring Me the Horizon in 2012 as the band's sound began to evolve, drifting away from uncompromising heaviness as they embraced influences from outside of rock and metal norms.

He was first featured on 2013's Sempiternal, which marked a significant stylistic shift for the U.K. group as they gained incredible upward momentum. The sonic experimentation has only continued through That's The SpiritAmo and Post Human: Survival Horror with Fish also having contributed programming, backing vocals, percussion and more.

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Jordan Fish Comments on Split With Bring Me the Horizon

Resharing Bring Me the Horizon's statement, Fish comments,

I’m really grateful for my 11 years with the band, and extremely proud of all that we have achieved together.

I look forward to hearing what they do next, and wish them every success in the future.

I’m excited to start this next chapter in my career.

What's Next for Bring Me the Horizon

It's not known if Bring Me the Horizon intend to replace Fish with another full-time member or whether they will seek a temporary/session replacement.

This year, the group has released new singles by way of "LosT," "AmEN!" (featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo) and "DArkSide," as well as collabs and guest features with CORPSE, Lil Uzi Vert, SLANDER and Yungblud.

In early January, Bring Me the Horizon will embark on a U.K. tour, with a number of other global dates on the books through the summer. See all of their upcoming dates here.

What We Know About Post Human: NeX GEn

In June, frontman Oli Sykes said of the direction of Bring Me the Horizon's forthcoming material that it wasn't hyper-pop, but he has "definitely been inspired by that world."

"I admire how obnoxious, trashy and in your face that music feels," Sykes told NME, describing the hyper-pop genre that's populated by notable acts such as 100 Gecs and Charli XCX. He also wants to push back on the notion of making more polished music as the band gets bigger, instead wanting to do the opposite — "Let's be unhinged, let's stop trying to make all the edges smooth."

Conceptually, the narrative is rooted in an AI nightmare scenario where "things go wrong" and the main character AI Eve makes people "faceless, egoless, opinionless and desireless, which is obviously a terrible idea." Sykes affirmed that the concept "was originally about how the next generation is our only hope and we've got to tryoand make sure they don't make the same mistakes as us."

Post Human: NeX GEn was originally set to be released on Sept. 15, but that has since been pushed back with an undetermined release date.

Earlier this week, Sykes shared an Instagram story with a teaser of a new song, alongside three potential titles for new songs: "ScREam" (which was noted to be a working title), "Kool-Aid" and "toP 10 STatUeS THAT CRiED BLood."

"Kool-Aid" was the clip heard on the social media post, with Sykes unleashed some visceral screams, ensuring there will be some heaviness fans haven't heard from the band in a long time.

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