Internet sleuths have uncovered that Bring Me the Horizon may be releasing a new song, likely titled "Mother Tongue," tomorrow (Oct. 21) on Daniel Carter's BBC Radio 1 show. The digging started when Carter tweeted that he had a "massive banger" to premiere this weekend. Fans immediately speculated that it would be a new jam from either Bring Me, Architects or While She Sleeps.

Earlier today (Oct. 20), frontman Oli Sykes shared a cryptic Instagram post that fans eventually tied back to Carter's Radio 1 show. As you can see below at the conclusion of the clip, the letters "R A D I O O N E 2 1 S U N D A N P" are highlighted.

There is some confusion, however, over whether the second number in the image is a one or seven. Tomorrow, the 21st, is a Sunday, which are the days when Carter's show airs. The 27th is next Saturday, which wouldn't make sense unless there is some sort of special event happening around it.

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A fan has compiled teasers that Sykes has leaked on his Instagram stories over the last few days. Listen below and be sure to let us know what you think.

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