Bring Me the Horizon are inching closer to a new album. The band recently released the track "Happy Song" and now more details have been revealed for their upcoming disc.

According to NME, the new album will be titled That's the Spirit, and it's a loose concept album rooted in life's darker moods. Vocalist Oli Sykes tells the magazine, "It's a celebration of depression. A way of making light of it. That's the Spirit -- it's quite a depressing phrase when you think about it -- the sort of thing you only ever use when you know there's no positive answer to the situation."

The band has been recording the disc on the Greek island of Santorini, and it appears as though Sykes will be venturing further into singing rather than primarily screaming, much like what he began to do on the Sempiternal disc. "That worked then, but this time round, the challenge wasn't just for people to be impressed that a screamer's learned to sing," says Sykes. "We had to come back with something that would be impressive for people who had no idea of the history of the band."

For a teaser of their sound, fans need look no further than "Drown," a track the band released late last year to great acclaim. "That seemed to go do well," says keyboardist Jordan Fish. "So we continued in that direction."

Stay tuned for Bring Me the Horizon's That's the Spirit. We'll let you know when an official release date is announced.

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